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Merry Christmas Antipolo City & All!

The Antipolo City Hinulugang Taktak Reopened

The Antipolo City Hinulugang Taktak Falls and  National Park (Protected Landscape) is once again open for public visits. It was reopened on February 13.

“Summer Time Again!”

Welcome Visitors of Antipolo City!

Antipolo City is a very simple place with simple peoples. Just check your google map when traveling and you can easily find the detailed directions to any of the places in our city.

You can find the updated list of Antipolo Resorts and Hotels here!

A very important place you should know… The New Antipolo Public Market.

Why do people Visit Antipolo City?

The cool and relaxing climate of Antipolo City particularly during summer gives a renewed spirit to visitors. Aside from the Climate, most people visit the Antipolo Cathedral. Resorts, Historic Hinulugang Taktak (Newly Reopened), Other Churches, and etc.

People from Metro Manila, NCR, and other nearby provinces do visit Antipolo City simply because we have a peaceful community, hospitable people, beautiful and clean environment, (and the nearest haven to revitalize your body and spirit…) a great place for a vacation. 

The City of Antipolo

Lungsod ng Antipolo — Rizal, Philippines, 1870.

Antipolo were converted from municipality into a component city of the Province of Rizal on February 13, 1998, under Republic Act. No. 8508. Republic Act. No. 8508 — An act converting the municipality of Antipolo into a component city to be known as the City of Antipolo. Antipolo City is now the new capital of Rizal Province.

Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines

Antipolo City is popular as a pilgrimage site. People from everywhere come to visit the Marian image of the ‘Lady of Peace and Good Voyage’ or the Virgin of Antipolo which is enshrined at the Antipolo Cathedral. Devotees come in Antipolo City for a prayer with regards to their safe and successful travel. Other devotees who hope for a work abroad or prospect to be an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) sincerely prays that their need of travel to work be granted. Some also bring their new acquired cars for a blessing that it will be safe and protected for travel. The Marian image was brought in the Philippines from Mexico in 1626.

Other Must Visit Places in Antipolo City

Hotels, Private Pools and Resorts

Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Ynares Center / Rizal Provincial Capitol

Restaurants Along Sumulong Highway

Map of Antipolo City