Home of Antipoleños — feel at home everyone!

The Antipolo Hinulugang Taktak Taken by Althea Co

Antipolo City is a simple place with simple people. Keeping Antipolo as it is and as it was may be divergent to the ambition of progress but somehow preservation of culture must be imperative lest all is rewarded and glorified.

Why do people Visit Antipolo City?

The Antipolo Hinulugang Taktak Taken by Althea Co

People visit the Antipolo Cathedral, various resorts, Historic Hinulugang Taktak Waterfall, other churches, and they just keep coming back. Just why? Firstly, the climate is incomparable to the nearby towns and cities where you can stay under the sun a little bit longer. We have trees, a lot of trees, shades of trees. It may just be more appropriatte to cool our body naturally without an artificial air conditioning system... certainly! Ask your doctor, besides, not everyone can afford an aircon or stay all day and everyday at the mall.

Secondly, Antipoleños are cool and friendly. People could still just walk on every road without much agony of offender. A morning walk in some less utilized roads is still being practiced as an exercise. Viva Antipoleños! May your traits be passed on to your children as well as to those new residents and visitors of Antipolo. Be an Antipoleño and not the other way.

Antipolo is also an agreeable location to venture on any business because of its increasing population.