Boiled Lady’s Fingers or Okra


Not by any scientific study, when taste buds are satiated to a particular taste, the tendency is to crave for other tastes. Try boiled okra dipped in fish sauce with siling labuyo to lower the level of your extravagant gustation.

Why crave for expensive dishes when you can satisfy your taste buds with cheaper ones. No offense to some people who just pretend that they do not like the slimy characteristics of okra, but I know that they themselves hate peoples that is pretentious therefore please refrain from being one.

Boiled okra dipped in fish sauce with siling labuyo matched with fried fish.

Okra is really gooey but you can lessen it by just adding to sour dishes like sinigang or paksiw or just dipping it on calamansi juice or vinegar with siling labuyo. The taste is really sweet as the same with most vegetable and it do not have an aftertaste.

Lady’s fingers or okra has and always been recommended nutritious food ever since.

I wonder why some Antipoleños still have malnutrition problems since it is one of the cheapest vegetable on the market and it is very easy to grow. Okra is cheap and available in all seasons. You can actually grow an okra plants in a pot.

My friend Arnel has a small plot of okra and eggplant just beside their house in Gloria Heights and he could even share the vegetables to the neighbors. Instead of planting that medicinal marijuana which is still illegal in the Philippines, plant okra to stay healthy.

Why Okra?

Okra is rich in Vitamin C, Folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Niacin, Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Manganese, Beta Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin. Wow,  a very promising vegetable that is also rich in antioxidants.

The Spirit of Antipoleño

tricycle antipolo 1

Life of a Tricycle Driver — Antipoleño din ako.

“It’s almost graduation and I could not even encourage or ask my son to pursue his college because I might not be able to afford… Paki-explain…” — Joey

Joey is a tricycle driver. He had just acquired a repossessed tricycle unit under “boundary-hulog” or amortized payment-to-own scheme. Although he is already the third owner-to-be of this repo unit, he must still have to pay 150 pesos per day within a period of 3 years.

He is roaming the city from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm to at least take home an average of 500 pesos, assuming that his tricycle will not malfunction on its everyday run. He could only rest while waiting for unpredicted commuters anywhere on the streets.

Joey has four children of ages 7, 13, 15 and 18. To fully take care of the children, he cannot allow his wife to look for a job just to help him earn money for the family. He avoids unnecessary vices and focussed himself in making a living which made me observe his kind of life.

His eldest son is already in third year college and with an average budget of 150 pesos for travel fare going to his school in Manila. His monthly water and power bills cost 1700 pesos. To sum up, he needs 250 pesos for his childs fare, bills and other miscellaneous expenses everyday. The 250 pesos left from his earning is hardly enough for the family’s food allowance.

Presently, with his tricycle, he is bringing and fetching his other three kids to a public school here in Antipolo saving him 60 pesos per day. He also keeps on grabbing part time jobs that rarely come to at least lighten their financial needs.

Back to his graduating child. Unfortunately, the kid must wait for his brother to finish his college first before he could enroll, unless he will find his own way or work for his college. Tuition fees is not much problem compared to the travel allowance and miscellaneous expenses he may need.

The Spirit of Antipoleño.

However hard life for Joey may be, he keeps holding on his faith and hoping that someday he will be blessed. Despite of all his sacrifices, he could still smile and face his everyday struggles. He is happy. He may be financially unstable but I could conclude that he has an ideal family.


This post is dedicated to all Antipoleños who honestly and righteously  works for their family, particularly those who works for daily income.

Do We Really Need a Family Day?

tjccot family day at deos 1

Unlike some other countries, Family Day in the Philippines has no particular day like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It seems that Philippines or most part of the world cannot afford another commercialized day yet. Anyway, it’s not the concern of this post but a special family day scheduled by The Jesus Church Children of Tomorrow, Inc. for its staffs, teachers and students. This family day is usually scheduled every before the end of school year.

We gathered at Deogracia’s Garden Resorts of Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City. A simple place yet comfortable enough to accommodate us. The resorts has an adult swimming pool, kids swimming pool and several cottages in countryside style.

tjccot family day at deos 2

A one hour and a half programme were held before the kids actually soaked into the water. The students had their part as they perform in groups. I enjoyed watching, specially during my kids’s turns, but nevertheless, all were beautiful performances.

One highlight of the programme is an enlightening messages from a guest speaker. He related relevant points on christian family values and I concur specially on his point of raising a child as an obligation of parents unconditionally. He also reiterated that a family will grow and last if parents will help each other and God must be its foundation and pillar.

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After the programme, all the kids rushed in wearing swimsuits. They were all very excited, maybe because the summer season is just starting again. I had much fun just watching my kids and their classmates play and swim into the water.

tjccot family day at deos 3


As a parent, I admire this activity. Some family may really need a push for a Family Day.  I will always value the effort of the school in making every school year fun for my children. Since this will be the last activity for the school year 2013 to 2014, I am thanking the school, the staffs, the faculty and specially the teachers who had so much wit and patience in teaching my two children. May God bless you all.

Then, YES, we really need a Family Day.

Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

A must visit church in Antipolo City is the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (PIHM). It is Located along Daang Bakal Road, Fairmount Hills and around 500 paces from Hinulugang Taktak Falls. To know about its history, visit

parish of the imaculate heart of mary 2

Yes, there are a lot people like me who love visiting places and I just can’t help myself in introducing another place to the world, particularly to Antipoleños unaware of the beautiful places in their own city.

I only came to know this church when I first jogged along this road and knew a little more when I once attended a friend’s child’s christening. All I knew, the church started in a small chapel then a magnificent structure stood beside it.

parish of the imaculate heart of mary 3

The almost completed church is so divine in its white color matching the emerald leaves of trees all around it. The modern architecture of the church compliments the beauty of the whole place that includes the well ventilated design in full advantage of natural breath of air.

I witnessed the construction of this church from foundation to now. Well, I have not so much idea about the deeper details and funding, but I know, it was built little by little from the efforts of the community and members of the church because of the slow but polished construction.

I am engrossed in writing about it not only because of the elegance of the place but also to show my appreciation to the friendly faces I met there. I am one of the importunate or persistent buyer every time they have a rummage sale. They’re so kind not because they are selling but they just are actually almost giving away their items. Anyway,  part of the rummage sale revenue is really intended for charity.

The camaraderie among the people, particularly the youth delighted me even more. In my persistence and curiosity, I had been asking a lot of things just to get acquainted with them. All of them are very respectful although I could see that most of them are from an able family, they are just so kind. May God bless you all!

parish of the imaculate heart of mary 4

“The church is so peaceful, you are backgrounded by the chirping of birds while you pray.” Gigi

parish of the imaculate heart of mary 5


To know the activities of PIHM, you may visit their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Morning Exercise at Ynares Center Antipolo City

ynares center

Ynares Center is normally used for indoor sporting events or live concerts and usually held during the night. Every morning, the spacious parking space is used by the peoples and visitors of Antipolo City for their morning exercises.

The area of Ynares Center’s open space is around 5 hectares therefore the perimeter for jogging is around 400 meters. Joggers normally arrive here as early as 5:00AM and leave the area before 9:00AM particularly on weekdays because the center is temporarily being used for our local municipal offices while the City Hall is under renovation. You can extend your stay longer during Saturdays and Sundays.

ynares center jogging
Jogging or walking at Ynares Center and Rizal Provincial Capitol open area.

Visitors can almost do anything on the parking area. Joggers circle the perimeter clockwise, while some people find their best spot for playing badminton, do regular stretches, or join a group in a dance exercises  while absorbing the morning sunlight.

We give credit to the administrators of Ynares Center and Rizal Provincial Capitol for allowing people do their morning exercise in the area. We are also grateful on the outstanding security given to the place which include the safety of the Antipoleños and visitors.

Dance Aerobics Exercise

The dance aerobics exercise is alternately led by two professional dance instructors. Every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the dance routine is ballroom inspired while hip hop inspired for the other days. The exercise usually starts at around 6:30 AM and lasts for an hour, so better be there earlier to join and complete the routine.

dance aerobics exercise ynares
Dance aerobics exercise at Ynares Center.

Everyone is welcome to join the group and a little donation is optional for the rental of the sound system and honorarium for the dance instructors.

During Saturdays and Sundays, other groups also assemble to do different routine like boxing aerobics dance or calisthenics. Some groups also do taekwondo training.

Talk, Erase, Delete

talk antipolo info blog

When I talk and listen to people, I always remember the phrase “What comes from the mouth comes from the heart.” It’s not always just as simple as it is said. If you assess people this way, you will end up disappointed and distrustful. Tolerance is also a virtue that we need to practice in our lives so we can go on peacefully and hapilly (ever after).

Although it is written “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. (Matthew 15: 18)”, since we have a forgiving heart, we can take the good thing in and bad things out. However, let no one abuse your kindness.

talk antipolo info 2

Talking is discerning on what you impart rather than just babbling, your keyboard backspace will not work on your mistakes here, you can not just say erase-erase. Sorry is not always enough when you already had delivered your words. Be wise on your words and make it sure that no one is offended. On the other hand, if you intend to attack with your words, make sure you are safe, be aware of libel.

And also, let us not be bounded by this phrase, “More talk, more mistake. Less talk, less mistake.” It’s just kind of stupid not to talk at all. The phrase literally speaks for itself, we always need to communicate to be understood.

Always give others a chance to talk and try to listen.

Unexploited Antipolo Places

unexplored antipolo places

Play with the sun during sunsets.

Some places in Antipolo City remain unexploited. This place remained unpolluted for so many years now. People jog here every morning and even until noon unafraid on the heat of the sun because the road is covered with trees.

unexplored antipolo 2

Joggers and bikers come here usually in the morning. All is invited to breathe the cool breeze  of fresh air coming from the trees provided that no wastes will be left.

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Last year, this place was featured along with the slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”. The skateboarders.

unexplored antipolo 3
5:30 pm

Appreciate the sunset. Not many people come here in the afternoon. Thanks God.

LTO Antipolo, Cainta Extension Office

lto antipolo

Did you know that we already have an LTO Mobile Office in Antipolo City?

The mobile office is presently located along L Sumulong Memorial Circle, in front of Clinica Antipolo Hospital or after Ninoy Aquino Freedom Park.

lto mobile office antiolo
The LTO Antipolo Mobile Office. An extension of LTO Cainta Office.

The mobile office is an extension of LTO Cainta Office. Right now, they offer registration of vehicles, student driving permits and renewal of driver’s license.

New driver’s licence or upgrading to higher license restriction is not yet offered. The mobile office does not yet have facility for these services.

Other offices like Insurance Companies, Smoke Belching Tests, Drug Testings are now also operating near the mobile office of LTO so it’s almost a one-stop site for your registration and driver’s license.