The Holy Season of Lent

The Antipolo Cathedral — Kwaresma 2014

For us Christians, the Season of Lent is time of reflection, prayers, penance and repentance. We take part on this holy occasion to strengthen our devotion.

1 Peter 5:6 “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:”

Schedule of Masses & Activities — The Antipolo Cathedral.

15-30 Marso (March)

  • — Exhibit ng mga imahen ng Mahal na Araw (Immaculate Conception Chapel)

26 Marso (March)

  • Miyerkules, 7:00 ng gabi — Lenten Recollection, Speakers: Mr. Noel & Mrs. Gaines Del Rosario

13 Abril — Linggo ng Palaspas sa pagpapakasakit ng Panginoon

  • 6:30 ng umaga, magtitipon sa patio ng Katedral ng Antipolo sa paggunita sa matagumpay na pagpasok ni Jesus sa Jerusalem.
  • 7:00 ng umaga, Banal na Misa sa Katedral sa pamumuno ng Lubhang Kgg. Gabriel V. Reyes, Obispo ng Antipolo.
  • Mga Oras ng Misa —
    • Umaga: 4:00, 5:00, 7:00, 8:30, 10:00
    • Hapon: 2:00, 3:30, 5:00, 6:30

14 Abril — Lunes Santo.

  • Mga Oras ng Misa —
    • Umaga: 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00
    • Gabi: 6:00
  • 4:00 ng hapon, Istasyon ng Krus sa kabayanan

15 Abril — Martes Santo.

  • Mga Oras ng Misa —
    • Umaga: 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00
    • Gabi: 6:00
  • 7:00 ng gabi, Kumpisalang Bayan

16 Abril — Miyerkules Santo.

  • Mga Oras ng Misa—
    • Umaga: 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00
    • Gabi: 6:00
  • 6:00 ng Gabi — Prusisyon

17 Abril — Huwebes Santo.

  • 6:00 ng umaga, Misa ng Kwaresma
  • 4:00 ng hapon, Pagmimisa sa pagtatakipsilim sa paghahapunan ng panginoon, paghuhugas ng paa, pagdiriwang ng huling hapunan
  • 6:00 ng gabi,
    • Prusisyon ng Banal na Sakramento susundan ng pagtatanod hanggang ika-12 ng hating gabi
    • Istasyon ng Krus mula Tikling hanggang Katedral ng Antipolo.

18 Abril — Biyernes Santo

  • Araw ng Pangilin at Pag-aayuno (sarado and opisina ng parokya, magbubukas sa Linggo ng Pagkabuhay.)
  • 7:30 hanggang 11:30 ng umaga, Pagpapakumpisal
  • 3:00 ng hapon, Pagdiriwang ng Pagpapakasakit ng Panginoon, Pagpapahayag ng Salita ng Diyos, Pagpaparangal sa Krus na Banal, Banal na Pakikinabang.
  • 5:00 ng hapon, Prusisyon ng Libing

19 Abril — Sabado de Gloria

  • 8:00 hanggang 11:00 ng umaga, Pagpapakumpisal
  • 5:00 ng hapon, prusisyon ng “Soledad”
  • 10:00 ng gabi, Magdamagang pagdiriwang ng Pasko ng Pagkabuhay, Pagpaparangal sa ilaw, Pagbabasbas ng Tubig, Pagsasariwa sa pangako ng Pagbibinyag, Pagdiriwang ng huling hapunan,

20 Abril — Linggo ng Pagkabuhay.

  • 4:00 ng madaling araw, Salubong, Lugar: Sumulong Park,
  • Mga Oras ng Misa —
    • Umaga: 5:00, 6:30, 8:00, 9:30, 11:00
    • Hapon: 2:00, 4:00, 5:30, 7:00
  • 8:00 ng gabi, EASTER BALL sa Sumulong Park


Labing-apat na Istasyon sa Krus

(14 Stations of the Cross — Catholic. Poster images taken on the patio of the Antipolo Cathedral.)

1. Unang Istasyon — Ang Huling Hapunan

first station of the cross holy season of lent

2.  Ikalawang Istasyon — Ang Panalangin sa Getsemani

second station of the cross holy season of lent

3. Ikatlong Istasyon — Ang Paghatol kay Hesus

third station of the cross

4.  Ika-apat na Istasyon — Ang Paghampas kay Hesus.

fourth station of the cross

5. Ika-limang Istasyon — Pinasan ni Hesus ang Krus.

fifth station of the cross

6. Ika-anim na Istasyon — Nadapa si Hesus sa bigat ng krus.

sixth station of the cross

7. Ika-pitong Istasyon — Tinulungan si Hesus ni Simon Cireneo.

seventh station of the cross

8. Ika-walong Istasyon — Nasalubong ni Hesus and mga babaeng taga-Jerusalem.

eight station of the cross

9. Ika-siyam na Istasyon — Ipinako si Hesus sa krus.

ninth station of the cross

10. Ika-sampung Istasyon — Pinatawad ni Hesus ang nagsising magnanakaw.

tenth station of the cross

11. Ika-labing Isang Istasyon — Si Maria at Juan sa paanan ng krus.

elevent station of the cross

12. Ika-labindalawang Istasyon — Namatay si Hesus sa krus.

holy season of lent

13. Ika-labing tatlong Istasyon — Inilibing si Hesus.

thirteenth station of the cross

14. Ika-labing Apat na Istasyon — Muling Nabuhay si Hesus.

fourteenth station of the cross


Best Things to do in Antipolo City — Summer Fun 2014

antipolo summer banner

Antipolo City has always been a target of local tourists specially during summer because of its moderate climate and accessibility. The abundance of trees contributes much to the fair temperature of the city which the visitors always wanted to experience. Other than the quality of air and climate of the city, I have listed several activities to do while in Antipolo City.

antipolo summer bannerindian mango starapple

Thanks God there are still fruit bearing trees to climb in Antipolo City.

 1. Visiting the Antipolo Cathedral — A model of the Blessed Virgin Mary is preserved in this church. It is most known as the Virgin of Antipolo or Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Travelers visit and pray here for good luck or safer travel and often comes back to give thanks after.

antipolo cathedral 5
The Antipolo Cathedral — presently under repainting.

During Holy Week, particularly on Maundy Thursday, from afternoon onwards, thousands of devotees from Metro Manila and other neighboring towns participate the ‘Alay Lakad’ towards the Antipolo Cathedral and towards the White Cross as their penitence in observing the holiness of these days. (More story after the Holy Week)

Stations of the Cross at the Antipolo Cathedral patio.

2. Hinulugang Taktak National Park — Visit in Antipolo City is more complete if you at least view the waterfalls on this historic place. The place was converted into National Park under the administration of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources DENR in coordination with the Department of Tourism DOT and the provincial government of Rizal. The park amenities include a swimming pools and cottages.  (Unfortunately, the park may not be available this summer 2014 because of major improvement).

summer 2014

3. Resorts Experience — There are more than 50 affordable resorts in Antipolo City. Every resort has a unique quality to meet your desired vacation. Antipolo Resorts, Hotels and Exclusive Guest Houses are well improved and now ready for Summer Fun. For Guest Houses with Private Pools be sure to call and have your reservations first.

summer photo 1

4. Sumulong Park Summer Events — The Antipolo City, government and non-government organizations work on several summer events usually held in this park. The park is located in front of the City Hall and the Antipolo Cathedral. Always watch out and events will be published on this website prior to the dates. For visitors of Antipolo City, consider an itinerary on this park and you may be lucky to encounter any of the Summer Fun Activities.

sumulong park antipolo 2

5. Exercise at Ynares Center Parking Space — Your vacations will be healthier if you will at least do a little exercise. Before going through your other activities, spare a time in this parking area and have a jogging or stretching as you breath the priceless unpolluted air of Antipolo City. From 6:00 am, visitors may also be able to join a group in dance exercises in several routines like zumba or other ballroom dance steps.

dance aerobics exercise ynares
Dance aerobics exercise at Ynares Center.

6. Daang Bakal Road Fun — Morning joggers and bikers also go through this road. The Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary located on this road and is also worth of visit.

unexplored antipolo 2

parish of the immaculate heart of mary antipoloparish of the immaculate heart of mary antipolo 3parish of the immaculate heart of mary antipolo 2

7. Pasalubong Center — The place is currently located beside the Victory Mall where you can buy kasoy, suman, yema and Etc. Antipoleños is always proud of their unique suman (a steamed glutinous rice with coconut milk wrapped with palm leaves). Kasoy (cashew nuts) can be bought cheaper in Antipolo.

pasalubong center antipolo

antipolo suman pasalubong center antipolo kasoy pasalubong center antipolo 2

8. Palengke Visit — It is a great experience to know Antipolo City deeper and one best place is the Public Market where you can interact on Antipolo’s common people. Fresh Vegetables from the farms of Antipolo and neighboring towns may be bought here. Pasalubong can also be purchased at the facade of the market.

manalo steet antipolo

9. Nightlife in Antipolo City — Most resorts of the city are open all days and all nights during summer seasons. During your stay, find time in visiting any of the bars and restaurants located mostly along Sumulong Highway where you can overlook the sparkling lights of Metro Manila. Some famous bars and restaurants are also along the circumferential road.

10. More… 

3 Spectacular Weekend Events in Antipolo City

yamaha gp one make race 5 2014

Level Up. 3 spectacular weekend events in Antipolo City. Yamaha GP One Make Race 5 2014 — 2nd Leg, Bb. Kalikasan Antipolo 2014 and Bikers Rally. Uplifting Antipolo City to the next level.

BRIEF EVENT PREVIEWS — Summer Fun in Antipolo City

Last Saturday, 7:00 pm, March 15, 2014, The Bb. Kalikasan Antipolo 2014 was held at Sumulong Park. The event is part of the ecotourism program of the city. The pageant were participated by representatives from the following barangays: Brgy. Bagong Nayon, Brgy. San Jose, Brgy. San Roque, Brgy. San Luis, Brgy. San Isidro, Brgy. Dalig, Brgy. Beverly, Brgy. Cupang, Brgy. Dela Paz, Brgy. Mambugan, Brgy. Sta. Cruz.

bb kalikasan antipolo 14
Rehearsal, Saturday 9 am.

Bb. Kalikasan Antipolo 2014 Rehearsal More Photos…

Antipolo Bikers and Firefly Brigade

Sunday, several group of bikers from the Antipolo City and the Firefly Brigade routed from Ynares to several roads of the city and ended at the Antipolo Cathedral for bike and bikers blessing. The rally is to promote a clean air program and appeal for bike lanes in all major roads in the Philippines.

antipolo bikers 6

More Photos…

Yamaha GP One Make Race 5 2014, 2nd Leg

Simultaneous to the bike rally, the Yamaha GP One Make Race 5, 2nd Leg was also held in Ynares Center following the 1st Leg held last February in Sta. Rosa Laguna. The breathtaking race were participated by riders nationwide.

yamaha gp one make race 5yamaha gp one make race 15

More Photos…

Easier Mountain Climbing at Real Cove Resort

360 steps real cove resort

Complete and Updated List of Resorts in Antipolo City 2014

Mountain Climbing as we all know is a very exhilarating and dangerous sport or pastime.

real cove resort 24
Please read this carefully before going through the stairs.

At Real Cove Resort, challenge yourself on mountain climbing, but instead of using harnesses or any other equipment, the mountain were carved with 460 stairsteps. 

The stairs has no railings so please proceed with extreme carefulness. It is not advisable for people with health problems to climb this mountain. For first timers, you may feel drowsiness on your way to the top so find some chaperone. Do not forget to bring at least a bottle of drinking water.

real cove resort 10
Last 50 steps before the top

Somewhat a very easy climb. The stair slope is gradual until you reach the last 50 steps before the top. You can also pause at any point while taking pictures all around, “I actually paused and sat at the steps 4 times when I tried the stairs.”.

You could surely relate to the experiences of Roberto Romeo ‘Romi’ Garduce, our very own Mountain Climber from Balanga, Bataan, after completing this challenge. “I felt a little exhausted but satisfied and happy upon reaching the top.”

Photo Gallery

real cove 11
View from the top.
real cove 12
View from the top.
real cove 13
View from the top.
real cove 14
View from the top.
real cove resort 15
View from the top.
real cove 16
View from the top.

real cove resort 17 real cove  18 real cove resort 19 real cove 20 real cove 21 real cove 22 real cove 23 real cove 25

Antipoleños in the Olympics Skateboarding Event 2016

skateboardin image 1

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil on August 5 to August 21 and the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Japan.

I had have always been a supporter of extreme games and I just don’t see the reason why skateboarding is not included in 2016 Summer Olympics while snowboarding was embraced in SOCHI 2014 Winter Olympics. Although there is a big chance that it may already be added in the Olympics in year 2020, I am still not happy because our kids are not getting any younger to wait for another four years. Nevertheless, kids, let us focus and keep practicing, anyway, we have the X games and other extreme event competitions to prepare.

skateboarding image 2

More and more Antipoleños and Antipolo visitors are now indulged in skateboarding, either for recreation or sport. Skateboarding is really something to do for fun instead of being preoccupied on indoor games, particularly into computers and mobile gadgets. Skateboarding activity or sport develops mental focus and body connection or I may just say it as an exercise for “Mind, Body and Soul”.

It is now the best time to support  and encourage these kids on this kind of sport while they are still drowsed of excitement on the past Winter Olympics and they are also motivated by the nations only participant, Michael Christian Martinez who participated in Figure Skating Event.

Skateboarding in Daang Bakal Road

The skaters preferred the Daang Bakal Road because of its moderate slope and curves. The road is also lightly being used by vehicles because it is blocked on one end. Vehicles are aware of the activities of skaters, bikers, and joggers so they usually drive slower and very carefully. The road is also shaded with tall trees throughout the day.

This is just a temporary place for practicing skateboarding skills and styles until somebody or some organization may be kind enough to sponsor a better venue .

skateboarding image 2 skateboarding image 2

More skaters are visiting the place every weekends.

Did You Know Korteng Bote and Korteng Gitara?

korteng gitara 1

Long before all resorts here in Antipolo existed, Korteng Bote and Korteng Gitara were most famous to the children who lived near the Taktak River and the students of Central or the Juan Sumulong Elementary School. These places are ponds of water along Taktak River located before Hinulugang Taktak Falls. It WAS a very beautiful place.

During summer particularly during Holy Week, the place is the venue for Mang Rey to circumcise ‘tule’ the boys. My five brothers were actually circumcised here.

 I remembered many children of my age having picnic here. Some of them are my neighbors, my classmates, my schoolmates and some of them are only familiar faces. We, kids often explore so we discovered these places for diving and swimming. We usually climbed on a cliff and jump into the water. I still recall those cool splashes of water on my face.

We had so much fun. Sometimes, we even skipped classes just to play here. We often stay here longer during weekends, vacations and holidays. There were even times that we see snakes crossing the pond yet we never worry on it, instead, we just shoo it away and we continue on playing on the water. Other than swimming we also catch goldfishes and ‘talangka’ or crab on the river.

During those days part of the adventure and excitement is climbing trees near the area. I was a kind of girl that never gives up. I also did what the boys were able to do particularly in climbing fruit bearing trees like mango, star apple ‘kaimito’, avocado, tiesa and my favorite is duhat or java plum.

Here are some shots taken on Korteng Bote and Korteng Gitara today. Korteng Bote is on the upper part of Korteng Gitara, already covered with tall grasses. Unfortunately, the water is no longer healthy for swimming.

korteng gitara 1b
Korteng Gitara taken today March 7 2014.
korteng gitara also
Korteng Gitara and Korteng Bote.
korteng bote
Korteng Gitara. Korteng Bote is on the upper part, already covered with tall grasses.
korteng bote
The bamboo or kawayan that use to cover us when changing clothes. Taken today.
korteng bote
Another view of the place. Taken today.

Climbing Trees Near the Korteng Gitara

Children still climb trees. Star Apple ‘kaimito’ season. Taken today.
duhat and santol
The duhat and santol that we used to climb. Thanks, it still exists.



More About the Loreland Farm Resort

loreland kiddie pool

The Loreland Farm Resort lies in 8 hectares area of land and open for visitors in any day. The place is recommended for family vacations, company outings, regular hangout, events, weddings, birthdays, seminars, school’s educational tours, team buildings and etc.

More on Loreland Farm Resort . . .


loreland farm resort image 21
The Boat

As regards to the quality of the place, peoples keep coming back here since they are satisfied with the amenities and accommodations as they are also proud in telling stories about their astounding experiences here.

loreland farm resort image 26
The Kubo
loreland image 22
Cottage ?
loreland image 24
loreland farm resort image 17
Tree House

loreland image 15

Most part of the resort is shaded with trees that you may feel an ambience of a forest or a tree park.

Above all, the resort offers a very affordable rates of cottages and rooms.

More Photos of the Resorts

loreland image 20
loreland farm resort image 18

loreland image 15 loreland image 13 loreland image 12 loreland image 11 loreland image 9 loreland image 7 loreland image 6 loreland image 5 loreland image 4 loreland image 3 loreland image 2 loreland image 1

The Bosay Resort Experience

bosay resorts 1

Enjoy the Bosay Resort with your family during daytime.

My kids really liked soaking into the water every summer and they liked Bosay because they could hop from one pool to another. They enjoyed the pool slides as much as the ambiance of the place.

bosay resorts storm wave 3
The Storm Wave Pool swimming
bosay resorts storm wave 2
The Storm Wave Pool
bosay resorts storm wave 1
The Storm Wave Pool during the day.

What I like about Bosay are the structures. All facilities are skillfully designed like an art masterpiece so I usually photograph my kids in almost all corners of the resort. I also feel relaxed and comfortable either on their cottages or rooms.

Enjoy with your friends during night time.

For night swimming, I would recommend spending it here because the place is safe. Instead of going to regular disco house, try the Disco Pool. You can also use the videokes and sing with your friends.

Disco Pool during daytime.
Disco Pool during daytime.
Disco Pool Entrance. Daytime.
bosay resort 5
The Tree House.

More on Bosay Resort

bosay resort 6
The Olympic Sized Pool

Femar Garden Resort and Convention Center


Femar Garden Resort and Convention Center has always been a regular or monthly destination of my friends coming from Metro Manila to relax and stop thinking about work.

The Femar Garden Resort is located along Taktak Road, Antipolo City. The resorts is only few paces away from the historic Hinulugang Taktak Falls and a five minutes ride to the Antipolo Cathedral or to the public market.


There’s something in this resort which keeps me coming back. It’s surely one of the best resort in Antipolo City where you can party or just relax, or may be the perpetual hospitality of the staffs which makes me never think twice everytime my friends invite me in this resort. They’re just so nice to all their visitors. I just feel so easy and comfortable in this resort.


The Femar Resorts and Convention Center

The resort’s facilities include three sanitized swimming pools, pavilions, umbrella sheds, and accommodations. The resort is a perfect venue for seminars, weddings, conferences, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and etc.

To know more about the resorts, please call 632 697 1719 or 632 806 8387

femar-antipolo-9 femar-antipolo-8

More About Femar Garden Resort and Convention Center

Altaroca Mountain Resort and Convention Center


Altaroca is located at Taktak Road, Bankers Village, Brgy. Sta Cruz, Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines.


“Unwind, Enjoy & Celebrate.” Exact phrase for a vacation needed by our friends in Metro Manila. A perfect place for a summer getaway and a peaceful place for meditation.


The resort has a complete facility to serve even bigger functions like seminars, special events, weddings, company outings, team building, family reunions,  and etc.

The facilities include three swimming pools, Pool Lounges, Cottages roofed with nipa leaves, Game Room, Videoke Room, Open Bar Videoke, Billiard Table, Function Rooms and Grand Ballroom for bigger crowd. Alternatives for air-conditioned rooms and suites are also available.


Best of all, the cottages and some part of the swimming pools are shaded by tall trees to protect visitors from the heat of the sun throughout the day.

cottage-antipolo-15 altaroca-antipolo-8 altarocaimage-antipolo-11

Altaroca —Perfect Place for my Friends

This post is for my friends who usually come and visit me every summer after sparing their vacation leave for an all-friends reunion. Guys, get ready. Decide now so we can get a reservation earlier. As you also know, most resorts or exclusive rest houses are fully booked during summer season.

And guys, thank you for entrusting me this task to find a venue for our reunion. I am actually confident that you will like this place.

To know more about the resort, visit their website at or call 632 661 6834 and 632 913 8398.

pool1-antipolo-18 pool2-antipolo-16 altaroca-antipolo-14 altaroca-antipolo-9 altaroca-antipolo-7

From Antipolo to Real Quezon (One day adventure)

antipolo real 1

Another way for Antipoleños to spend summer is visiting Real Quezon Beaches. Antipolo City to Real Quezon is only about 100 kilometers or nearly two hours travel. You can choose among hundreds of cottages for rent along the shores of Pacific Ocean in Real where you may find comfortable.

Mountain views on our way to Real Quezon

From Antipolo City, you will pass several towns of Rizal along the Manila East Road like Baras, Tanay and Pililia. Through this road, you will also pass some towns of Laguna until you reach the junction in Nanguma  then go straight through this National road until Batuhan, Famy, Laguna then take the left route and travel through the winding Siniloan-Famy-Real-Infanta Road. You will not notice your two hour travel because of the beauty of the places you may pass by.

Early Family Outing for Summer Season — March 2, 2014

We had an early family outing wanting to see the fresh beaches. We reached Real at around 6:00 am but we went first to the market and bought some fresh fishes and shells to be grilled before we actually search the best place for us. I would recommend you to be here earlier in the morning to be able to buy freshly catched fishes of different varieties.

antipolo to real-19

We had chosen La Juliana Beach Resort because of their cottages roofed with cogon grass — cooler choice to cover us from the heat of the sun. The rental is only 300 pesos during this date but may increase a little during mid-summer.  Air-conditioned rooms are also available.


Our children were too excited so they rushed into the water when we arrived at the place. The water is wavy. “You are much too early for summer season.”, said by one of the resort caretaker. “The water may be calm by the third week of march.”, he added.

Luckily, we were able to bring styropor boards so our children enjoyed the waves. At first, we were afraid because the waves were big. On my estimate the highest could even reach at almost two meters and may pull our kids back into the water after splashing into the shore.

antipolo to real-15 antipolo-real-11

I was worried, but as our kids played into the water, they learned how to deal with the waves by going with it before reaching the shore. They also learned to jump over the waves so they will not be taken through the shore. I enjoyed watching them as they are pushed by big waves on their styropor boards through the shore.

I enjoyed our foods. Grilled bangus filled with onions and tomatoes, grilled clams “halaan” dipped in vinegar with siling labuyo, grilled marinated pork belly, grilled chicken legs, grilled hotdog for the kids and etc. All grilled except for the rice.

antipolo-real-18 antipolo-real-17 antipolo-real-16 antipolo-real-14 antipolo-real-13 antipolo-real-9 antipolo-real-8 antipolo-real-7 antipolo-real-6 antipolo-real-5 antipolo-real-4 antipolo-real-3 antipolo-real-2

We packed up at around 4:00 pm and headed home. We reached Antipolo before 6:00 pm.