We Also Have Humble Santacruzan in Antipolo City

Santacruzan also known as Sagala is a religious beauty pageant held in most cities and communities throughout the Philippines. This event serves as the highlight of celebrations during the Month of May. This custom were introduced by the Spaniards during the 18th century as a thanksgiving after the month long celebration of Flores de Mayo.

The celebration also commemorates the search of the Holy Cross by Queen Helena (Reyna Elena) which was found in Jerusalem. May is also a month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary known as Flores de Maria (Flowers of Mary) and later called Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May).

During the event, biblical characters are personified adding excitement and colors to the joyful celebration.

Santacruzan under the communities covered by the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Our small community of Sitio Sampaguita, Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Antipolo City under the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary also share the religious festivity this month of May. A simple and peaceful yet joyful celebration. The crowd along the road who witnessed the beauties and the harmony of the procession were also happier.

The procession started at Sitio Sampaguita through the Taktak Road and Daang Bakal Road and ended at the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

santacruzan 3
Behind the Angels is a personification of Matusalem.
tres marias
The Tres Marias
reyna elena santacruzan
Reyna Elena 2014

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Peaceful Evening and Friendly Nightlife at Antipolo City

The peaceful atmosphere of Antipolo City evening will make you appreciate your whole day undertakings however hard it may had been. The air in Antipolo is somewhat healing that it soothes the wrinkles on your face as you cool down from work and from travel.

antipolo nightlife
Antipolo Evening in front of the Cathedral

Antipoleños working in Metro Manila start arriving on a happy face as they step down from their transport vehicles. Most of them takes a little walk while picking some pasalubongs for their family. Some people take a visit at the Cathedral for a little prayer.

antipolo night 20
Evening at The Antipolo Cathedral
antipolo night 17
The Victory Park & Shop
antipolo night 16
The Sumulong Park Stairs

Antipolo City’s Friendly Nightlife

Consider Antipolo as an option for Night Outs. Driving through the Sumulong Highway while hopping to different restaurants or bars may be a great alternative.

antipolo nightlife
Use the telescope for only 5 pesos at Padi’s Point.
antipolo night 3
View this better from the telescope for only 5 pesos coin.

Finding your favorite place to meet your friends everyday or occasionally to reinvigorate your friendship is easy and simple because all places here are peaceful and safe.

Overlooking the sparkling lights of Metro Manila is always a remarkable experience.

Romantic dining may also be arranged in any of the restaurants.

Bars and Restaurants Photos

antipolo night 4antipolo night 9 antipolo night 10 antipolo night 8 antipolo night 7 antipolo night 6 antipolo night 5

24 Hours Stablishments in Antipolo City.

antipolo night 13 antipolo night 12

Resorts and Private Pools

Most Resorts and Private Pools are also 24 hours open during summer.



Heartwarming Mother’s Day Gift — Maligayang Araw ni Inay

A day before Mother’s Day, 10 May 2014, The Araw ni Inay — Tuli, Bunot, Bukol, & Blood Donation Mission gifted by Familia Mariñas & Friends for Antipoleños were a total success. The mission were also aided by groups of volunteers.

  • Tuli — Circumcision
  • Bunot — Dental Checkup and tooth extraction
  • Bukol — Benign Tumor check up and or surgery
  • Dugo ko Alay ko sa PGH — Blood donation for the Philippine General Hospital

The mission were dedicated to the late Mrs. Cristina “Inang Tinay” in honor of her kindness as a mother of the family and as a mother of the Antipoleños. Familia Mariñas has always been humble and giving as they always consider extending their help to the people of Antipolo City.

In behalf of all the beneficiaries of the surgical and dental mission, we sincerely thank and very much appreciate your constant kindness! — Happy Mother’s Day!

The Mission in Action

The mission took place at Cristimar Village, Basketball Court, Antipolo City and I was able to bring two of my nephews for circumcision. After the circumcision, a free medicine were also given (20 caps antibiotics, 10 caps pain relievers, a small bottle of betadine), enough until the wound gets well.

Dental Check Up and Tooth Extraction in Action
Dental Check Up and Tooth Extraction in Action

It is really a gift for us since circumcision may cost no less than a thousand pesos per individual as the same with tooth extraction.

mother's day 1
Tule, Tuli, Circumcision is being held on both ends of the tables. ~ 10 tables
mother's day 2
Free medicines were also given.
mother's day 3
Blood Donation for PGH Blood Bank
araw ni inay 12
Dental Chekup in Line
araw ni inay 11
Boys waiting for their tuli turn
araw ni inay 10
Boys waiting for their tuli turn
araw ni inay 6
Blood Pressure Section
araw ni inay 5
A lunch were also served.



5th Day to 7th Day— Milo Summer Sports Clinic (Swimming )

5th Day  Swimming Training

My 7 years old daughter continues her freestyle training to improve her stamina. She still needs to improve her hand strokes then she could advance to other styles. It seems that she also keeps forgetting her flutter kicks.

My 10 years old daughter proceeded on breaststroke training after the frog kick tutorial yesterday, 4th day of training. The coach included the freestyle on their practice today. They did the freestyle on their way to the other end then breaststroke on their way back for several times.

7th Day Swimming Training

A one and a half hour of daily training and another hour of practice made my kids swim better in a scientific way. “Scientific Swimming” as described and explained by their coach and I concur since it really improved my kids in swimming. Although the coach were not able to explain his “scientific swimming” much, since I also did not ask much, it must be the proper and studied approach to faster swimming since MILO is related more to competitions or athlete’s development. Scientific in a way that it involves motion and energy.

The kids on basic diving form in swim racing.

milo swim dive

The kids were also given time to practice and play after their training.

milo swimming 4 milo swimming 2

Best Activities for Summer — Milo Sports Clinic

swimming tutorial 1

Summer is not so FUN without swimming adventure but how would you really have fun on waters with your kids if it takes all your time just by worrying and watching while they play. You may also want to teach them how to swim by yourself but they are just so stubborn and keep on ignoring you. 

Resorts and Private Pools businesses are now very popular in our city so really have to consider teaching your kids how to swim or enroll them in swimming classes.


Before the school year ended, I already had been looking for summer activities best for my kids and enough for my budget. Fortunately, I had seen this Milo Sports Clinic in Swimming tarp hanging in front of Alta Vista Antipolo. I called and asked for the price and it’s really much cheaper compared to other swimming tutorials and trainings here in Antipolo City.

milo sports clinic 2

milo sports clinic

My Daughters on Their Fourth Day of Training — Ages 7 and 10.

For other areas nationwide, you may want to visit their website http://ww1.nestle.com.ph/. The price may be different depending on the venue. Summer Sport Clinic also offers other courses.