Rizal Trade and Tourism Fair — 113th Foundation Day of Rizal

Another highlight of the 113th Foundation Day Celebration is the Rizal Trade and Tourism Fair held at Ynares Center Complex in Antipolo City. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the province participated by selling, displaying and promoting their original products like accessories, bags, rtw, handicrafts, footwears and etc. Native foods and Agricultural products from every municipality of the province were also boasted and sold in most reasonable prices.

The month-long celebration of the Rizal Foundation Day is motivated by a united Rizaleños theme, “Pasyal sa Rizal, Sining, Kultura at Turismo” (Visit Rizal, Arts, Culture and Tourism). It is a theme relative to the aim of the Department of Tourism in boosting tourism industry with the motto, “It’s more Fun in the Philippines”.

The provincial government’s support for the SMes is greatly appreciated. It will surely benefit the Rizaleños and businesses of the Rizal Province.

Rizal Trade and Tourism Fair Handicrafts


Shoes & Bags

Displaying the craftsmanship of Rizaleños. Shoes and bags made with water hyacinth (water lily).

Zumba Fun Fitness During the Unity Run 2

While waiting for all the runners to arrive at the Finish Line and while waiting for the results of the Unity Run 2, an aerobics exercise in zumba dance were started.

Three Zumba Dance instructors alternately led a lively aerobics dance while most participants of the Unity Run 2 joined. It seemed that the 3 or 5 kilometers run were not enough for their exercise, they had so much more to give.

Everyone had so much fun!

I can’t help myself but also to dance with the beat while taking pictures and videos. More videos on YouTube.

Zumba Aerobics Dance Photos.

sonaa antipolo sonaa antipolo 2 sonaa antipolo 3 sonaa antipolo 4 sonaa antipolo 5 zumba 2

Zumba is a 90’s aerobics dance exercise that involves energetic moves that could help tone muscles. It a a combination of several dance and music like hip-hop, mambo, samba, salsa, tango and etc. The Zumba dance fitness program is getting so popular in Antipolo City.

Unity Run 2 by S.O.N.A.A. — 2014

The Unity Run 2 project of S.O.N.A.A (SMHS, OLPS, ANHS Alumni Association) were held successful today, June 8, 2014. The Fun Run started at Dimasalang Park and ended at Ynares Center, Antipolo City.

  • SMHS — Sumulong Memorial High School
  • OLPS — Our Lady of Peace School
  • ANHS — Antipolo National High School

The proceeds of the event will go to the scholarship program funded by the group. This year, the group targeted to support 10 scholars of ANHS for the school year 2014-2015. As also announced today, there will be more events coming and hopefully increase the funds to support more scholars.

Unity Run 2 Top Finishers

unity run 3K men
3K Top Finishers – Men
unity run 3K women
3K Top Finishers – Women
unity run 5K men
5K Top Finishers – Men
unity run 5K women
5K Top Finishers – Women
unity run 10K men
10K Top Finishers – Men
unity run 10K women
10K Top Finishers – Women
unity run eldest
Eldest Finisher


Unity Run 2 Snapshots

DSC_7653 DSC_7657 DSC_7659 DSC_7661 DSC_7662 DSC_7667 DSC_7670 DSC_7671 DSC_7673 DSC_7676


“Thanks to the organizers of the Unity Run & S.O.N.A.A. — we do appreciate your objective in charity works and we will continue to support you”

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