5th Day to 7th Day— Milo Summer Sports Clinic (Swimming )

5th Day  Swimming Training

My 7 years old daughter continues her freestyle training to improve her stamina. She still needs to improve her hand strokes then she could advance to other styles. It seems that she also keeps forgetting her flutter kicks.

My 10 years old daughter proceeded on breaststroke training after the frog kick tutorial yesterday, 4th day of training. The coach included the freestyle on their practice today. They did the freestyle on their way to the other end then breaststroke on their way back for several times.

7th Day Swimming Training

A one and a half hour of daily training and another hour of practice made my kids swim better in a scientific way. “Scientific Swimming” as described and explained by their coach and I concur since it really improved my kids in swimming. Although the coach were not able to explain his “scientific swimming” much, since I also did not ask much, it must be the proper and studied approach to faster swimming since MILO is related more to competitions or athlete’s development. Scientific in a way that it involves motion and energy.

The kids on basic diving form in swim racing.

milo swim dive

The kids were also given time to practice and play after their training.

milo swimming 4 milo swimming 2

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