About the Website.

It is to show my gratitude to my town, my city, for taking care of my family. Antipolo City is my home and I am proud to be an Antipoleño. — Althea Co.

The Blog

The Antipolo Cathedral Taken by Althea Co

The Blog — Though free Social Media could be enough, an organized preview for looking back on the episodes of my life and experiences in Antipolo City could be more fun if written and shared. Included are some of my family travels to other places. Some articles are from generous friends.

The Website

The Website — The website contains business listings, updated resort and hotel lists and school listings. Included are addresses, contact numbers, and images for your reference.


This website has no participation in any of the list of businesses, schools, resorts, hotels, rest houses or private pools published in this website. It is only published for public information and reference. Please practice caution in any transaction, especially when sending money or paying..