Peaceful Evening and Friendly Nightlife at Antipolo City

The peaceful atmosphere of Antipolo City evening will make you appreciate your whole day undertakings however hard it may had been. The air in Antipolo is somewhat healing that it soothes the wrinkles on your face as you cool down from work and from travel.

antipolo nightlife
Antipolo Evening in front of the Cathedral

Antipoleños working in Metro Manila start arriving on a happy face as they step down from their transport vehicles. Most of them takes a little walk while picking some pasalubongs for their family. Some people take a visit at the Cathedral for a little prayer.

antipolo night 20
Evening at The Antipolo Cathedral
antipolo night 17
The Victory Park & Shop
antipolo night 16
The Sumulong Park Stairs

Antipolo City’s Friendly Nightlife

Consider Antipolo as an option for Night Outs. Driving through the Sumulong Highway while hopping to different restaurants or bars may be a great alternative.

antipolo nightlife
Use the telescope for only 5 pesos at Padi’s Point.
antipolo night 3
View this better from the telescope for only 5 pesos coin.

Finding your favorite place to meet your friends everyday or occasionally to reinvigorate your friendship is easy and simple because all places here are peaceful and safe.

Overlooking the sparkling lights of Metro Manila is always a remarkable experience.

Romantic dining may also be arranged in any of the restaurants.

Bars and Restaurants Photos

antipolo night 4antipolo night 9 antipolo night 10 antipolo night 8 antipolo night 7 antipolo night 6 antipolo night 5

24 Hours Stablishments in Antipolo City.

antipolo night 13 antipolo night 12

Resorts and Private Pools

Most Resorts and Private Pools are also 24 hours open during summer.



Best Things to do in Antipolo City — Summer Fun 2014

Antipolo City has always been a target of local tourists specially during summer because of its moderate climate and accessibility. The abundance of trees contributes much to the fair temperature of the city which the visitors always wanted to experience. Other than the quality of air and climate of the city, I have listed several activities to do while in Antipolo City.

antipolo summer bannerindian mango starapple

Thanks God there are still fruit bearing trees to climb in Antipolo City.

 1. Visiting the Antipolo Cathedral — A model of the Blessed Virgin Mary is preserved in this church. It is most known as the Virgin of Antipolo or Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Travelers visit and pray here for good luck or safer travel and often comes back to give thanks after.

antipolo cathedral 5
The Antipolo Cathedral — presently under repainting.

During Holy Week, particularly on Maundy Thursday, from afternoon onwards, thousands of devotees from Metro Manila and other neighboring towns participate the ‘Alay Lakad’ towards the Antipolo Cathedral and towards the White Cross as their penitence in observing the holiness of these days. (More story after the Holy Week)

Stations of the Cross at the Antipolo Cathedral patio.

2. Hinulugang Taktak National Park — Visit in Antipolo City is more complete if you at least view the waterfalls on this historic place. The place was converted into National Park under the administration of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources DENR in coordination with the Department of Tourism DOT and the provincial government of Rizal. The park amenities include a swimming pools and cottages.  (Unfortunately, the park may not be available this summer 2014 because of major improvement).

summer 2014

3. Resorts Experience — There are more than 50 affordable resorts in Antipolo City. Every resort has a unique quality to meet your desired vacation. Antipolo Resorts, Hotels and Exclusive Guest Houses are well improved and now ready for Summer Fun. For Guest Houses with Private Pools be sure to call and have your reservations first.

summer photo 1

4. Sumulong Park Summer Events — The Antipolo City, government and non-government organizations work on several summer events usually held in this park. The park is located in front of the City Hall and the Antipolo Cathedral. Always watch out and events will be published on this website prior to the dates. For visitors of Antipolo City, consider an itinerary on this park and you may be lucky to encounter any of the Summer Fun Activities.

sumulong park antipolo 2

5. Exercise at Ynares Center Parking Space — Your vacations will be healthier if you will at least do a little exercise. Before going through your other activities, spare a time in this parking area and have a jogging or stretching as you breath the priceless unpolluted air of Antipolo City. From 6:00 am, visitors may also be able to join a group in dance exercises in several routines like zumba or other ballroom dance steps.

dance aerobics exercise ynares
Dance aerobics exercise at Ynares Center.

6. Daang Bakal Road Fun — Morning joggers and bikers also go through this road. The Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary located on this road and is also worth of visit.

unexplored antipolo 2

parish of the immaculate heart of mary antipoloparish of the immaculate heart of mary antipolo 3parish of the immaculate heart of mary antipolo 2

7. Pasalubong Center — The place is currently located beside the Victory Mall where you can buy kasoy, suman, yema and Etc. Antipoleños is always proud of their unique suman (a steamed glutinous rice with coconut milk wrapped with palm leaves). Kasoy (cashew nuts) can be bought cheaper in Antipolo.

pasalubong center antipolo

antipolo suman pasalubong center antipolo kasoy pasalubong center antipolo 2

8. Palengke Visit — It is a great experience to know Antipolo City deeper and one best place is the Public Market where you can interact on Antipolo’s common people. Fresh Vegetables from the farms of Antipolo and neighboring towns may be bought here. Pasalubong can also be purchased at the facade of the market.

manalo steet antipolo

9. Nightlife in Antipolo City — Most resorts of the city are open all days and all nights during summer seasons. During your stay, find time in visiting any of the bars and restaurants located mostly along Sumulong Highway where you can overlook the sparkling lights of Metro Manila. Some famous bars and restaurants are also along the circumferential road.

10. More… 

Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

A must visit church in Antipolo City is the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (PIHM). It is Located along Daang Bakal Road, Fairmount Hills and around 500 paces from Hinulugang Taktak Falls. To know about its history, visit

parish of the imaculate heart of mary 2

Yes, there are a lot people like me who love visiting places and I just can’t help myself in introducing another place to the world, particularly to Antipoleños unaware of the beautiful places in their own city.

I only came to know this church when I first jogged along this road and knew a little more when I once attended a friend’s child’s christening. All I knew, the church started in a small chapel then a magnificent structure stood beside it.

parish of the imaculate heart of mary 3

The almost completed church is so divine in its white color matching the emerald leaves of trees all around it. The modern architecture of the church compliments the beauty of the whole place that includes the well ventilated design in full advantage of natural breath of air.

I witnessed the construction of this church from foundation to now. Well, I have not so much idea about the deeper details and funding, but I know, it was built little by little from the efforts of the community and members of the church because of the slow but polished construction.

I am engrossed in writing about it not only because of the elegance of the place but also to show my appreciation to the friendly faces I met there. I am one of the importunate or persistent buyer every time they have a rummage sale. They’re so kind not because they are selling but they just are actually almost giving away their items. Anyway,  part of the rummage sale revenue is really intended for charity.

The camaraderie among the people, particularly the youth delighted me even more. In my persistence and curiosity, I had been asking a lot of things just to get acquainted with them. All of them are very respectful although I could see that most of them are from an able family, they are just so kind. May God bless you all!

parish of the imaculate heart of mary 4

“The church is so peaceful, you are backgrounded by the chirping of birds while you pray.” Gigi

parish of the imaculate heart of mary 5


To know the activities of PIHM, you may visit their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Morning Exercise at Ynares Center Antipolo City

Ynares Center is normally used for indoor sporting events or live concerts and usually held during the night. Every morning, the spacious parking space is used by the peoples and visitors of Antipolo City for their morning exercises.

The area of Ynares Center’s open space is around 5 hectares therefore the perimeter for jogging is around 400 meters. Joggers normally arrive here as early as 5:00AM and leave the area before 9:00AM particularly on weekdays because the center is temporarily being used for our local municipal offices while the City Hall is under renovation. You can extend your stay longer during Saturdays and Sundays.

ynares center jogging
Jogging or walking at Ynares Center and Rizal Provincial Capitol open area.

Visitors can almost do anything on the parking area. Joggers circle the perimeter clockwise, while some people find their best spot for playing badminton, do regular stretches, or join a group in a dance exercises  while absorbing the morning sunlight.

We give credit to the administrators of Ynares Center and Rizal Provincial Capitol for allowing people do their morning exercise in the area. We are also grateful on the outstanding security given to the place which include the safety of the Antipoleños and visitors.

Dance Aerobics Exercise

The dance aerobics exercise is alternately led by two professional dance instructors. Every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the dance routine is ballroom inspired while hip hop inspired for the other days. The exercise usually starts at around 6:30 AM and lasts for an hour, so better be there earlier to join and complete the routine.

dance aerobics exercise ynares
Dance aerobics exercise at Ynares Center.

Everyone is welcome to join the group and a little donation is optional for the rental of the sound system and honorarium for the dance instructors.

During Saturdays and Sundays, other groups also assemble to do different routine like boxing aerobics dance or calisthenics. Some groups also do taekwondo training.

Unexploited Antipolo Places

Play with the sun during sunsets.

Some places in Antipolo City remain unexploited. This place remained unpolluted for so many years now. People jog here every morning and even until noon unafraid on the heat of the sun because the road is covered with trees.

unexplored antipolo 2

Joggers and bikers come here usually in the morning. All is invited to breathe the cool breeze  of fresh air coming from the trees provided that no wastes will be left.

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Last year, this place was featured along with the slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”. The skateboarders.

unexplored antipolo 3
5:30 pm

Appreciate the sunset. Not many people come here in the afternoon. Thanks God.

LTO Antipolo, Cainta Extension Office

Did you know that we already have an LTO Mobile Office in Antipolo City?

The mobile office is presently located along L Sumulong Memorial Circle, in front of Clinica Antipolo Hospital or after Ninoy Aquino Freedom Park.

lto mobile office antiolo
The LTO Antipolo Mobile Office. An extension of LTO Cainta Office.

The mobile office is an extension of LTO Cainta Office. Right now, they offer registration of vehicles, student driving permits and renewal of driver’s license.

New driver’s licence or upgrading to higher license restriction is not yet offered. The mobile office does not yet have facility for these services.

Other offices like Insurance Companies, Smoke Belching Tests, Drug Testings are now also operating near the mobile office of LTO so it’s almost a one-stop site for your registration and driver’s license.

J Sumulong Street | Busiest Street

This is the bussiest street in the city. The front of the market is along this street.

From 4 am to 6 am, the street is occupied mostly by the market stall owners preparing for their products to sell while some people do their early morning buy to avoid the dense crowd during busier hour.

The same event is happening on the adjacent streets, Manalo Street and ML Quezon Street.

manalo steet antipolo market
Manalo Street adjacet to J Sumulong Street.

From 6 am to 8 am is the busiest hour because this street is also filled with students on their way to school because the largest public school in Antipolo City is also along this road. The street is filled with market goers combined with students walking and  trimobile school services during this hours.

To avoid this crowd, you may schedule your market hour in a little bit later.