Complete and Updated List of Antipolo Resorts, Hotels, Guest Houses and Private Pools.

We at aim to promote tourism in our humble city. We sincerely welcome you to experience the friendliness of the people in our city while enjoying your stay at any of the wonderful Antipolo resorts, hotels, rest houses or private pools!

This page is published for everybody to easily find and compare all Antipolo resorts, hotels, rest houses and private pools available for this summer and throughout the year. These places were visited and photographed to give you at least a preview of the amenities and the sorroundings.

List of Antipolo Resorts and Hotels in alphabetical order.

  • 3B Rest House
  • Altaroca Resort and Convention Center
  • Alysa Private Resort
  • Amy Private Pool
  • Angela Private Resort
  • Antipolo Star Resort
  • Aqua Gems Resort (Gems Hotel)
  • Balay ni Isay
  • Bouganville Suites and Resort
  • Bosay Resort and Hotel
  • Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Convention Center
  • Bretsch and Barrie Resort
  • Callospa Resort
  • Casa Ibiza Resort and Events Place
  • Cattleya Resort
  • Celestial Inn Resort
  • ChillOut Pool
  • City View Private Pool
  • Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club, Inc.
  • Cristina Villas Mountain Resort & Hotel
  • Deogracia’s Garden Resort
  • Femar Garden Resort and Convention Center
  • Forest Hill Resort
  • Fortune Park Resort
  • Gems Hotel and Conference Center
  • Hilltop Pools
  • Jamesville Resort & Hotel
  • Joseph Private Resort
  • La Colina Resort in Antipolo
  • Las Brisas Hotel and Conference Center
  • LeBlanc Exclusive Resort
  • Lily of the Valley Resort
  • Loreland Farm Resort
  • Marabella Palace Resort
  • Master's Place Garden Resort
  • Mi Terraza Resort
  • Mount Hermon Prayer Garden
  • Overlook Resort & Conference Center
  • Paenaan Camping Farm
  • Picnic Grover Resort
  • Real Cove Resort
  • Rhodora Garden Resort
  • Rosalinda Garden Resort
  • Sunlight Resort
  • Sunrise Resort in Antipolo
  • Sunrock Resort
  • Suva's Place
  • Terra Villa Resort
  • Torres Ville Pool Resort
  • Villa Anunciata in Antipolo
  • Villa Jhoana Resort
  • Villa Sampaguita Resort
  • Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant (Resort)

This is just an initial publication. Other resorts are currently being visited and details will be published soon! Please email for any revision or addition.


This website has no participation in any of the list of resorts, hotels, rest houses or private pools published in this website. It is only published for you to compare easily so you can choose what is best for you and your budget. Please practice caution in any transaction, especially when sending money or paying.

This is just an initial publication. Other resorts are currently being visited and details will be published soon!