J Sumulong Street | Busiest Street

This is the bussiest street in the city. The front of the market is along this street.

From 4 am to 6 am, the street is occupied mostly by the market stall owners preparing for their products to sell while some people do their early morning buy to avoid the dense crowd during busier hour.

The same event is happening on the adjacent streets, Manalo Street and ML Quezon Street.

manalo steet antipolo market
Manalo Street adjacet to J Sumulong Street.

From 6 am to 8 am is the busiest hour because this street is also filled with students on their way to school because the largest public school in Antipolo City is also along this road. The street is filled with market goers combined with students walking and  trimobile school services during this hours.

To avoid this crowd, you may schedule your market hour in a little bit later.