Did You Know Korteng Bote and Korteng Gitara?

Long before all resorts here in Antipolo existed, Korteng Bote and Korteng Gitara were most famous to the children who lived near the Taktak River and the students of Central or the Juan Sumulong Elementary School. These places are ponds of water along Taktak River located before Hinulugang Taktak Falls. It WAS a very beautiful place.

During summer particularly during Holy Week, the place is the venue for Mang Rey to circumcise ‘tule’ the boys. My five brothers were actually circumcised here.

 I remembered many children of my age having picnic here. Some of them are my neighbors, my classmates, my schoolmates and some of them are only familiar faces. We, kids often explore so we discovered these places for diving and swimming. We usually climbed on a cliff and jump into the water. I still recall those cool splashes of water on my face.

We had so much fun. Sometimes, we even skipped classes just to play here. We often stay here longer during weekends, vacations and holidays. There were even times that we see snakes crossing the pond yet we never worry on it, instead, we just shoo it away and we continue on playing on the water. Other than swimming we also catch goldfishes and ‘talangka’ or crab on the river.

During those days part of the adventure and excitement is climbing trees near the area. I was a kind of girl that never gives up. I also did what the boys were able to do particularly in climbing fruit bearing trees like mango, star apple ‘kaimito’, avocado, tiesa and my favorite is duhat or java plum.

Here are some shots taken on Korteng Bote and Korteng Gitara today. Korteng Bote is on the upper part of Korteng Gitara, already covered with tall grasses. Unfortunately, the water is no longer healthy for swimming.

korteng gitara 1b
Korteng Gitara taken today March 7 2014.
korteng gitara also
Korteng Gitara and Korteng Bote.
korteng bote
Korteng Gitara. Korteng Bote is on the upper part, already covered with tall grasses.
korteng bote
The bamboo or kawayan that use to cover us when changing clothes. Taken today.
korteng bote
Another view of the place. Taken today.

Climbing Trees Near the Korteng Gitara

Children still climb trees. Star Apple ‘kaimito’ season. Taken today.
duhat and santol
The duhat and santol that we used to climb. Thanks, it still exists.



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