Morning Exercise at Ynares Center Antipolo City

Ynares Center is normally used for indoor sporting events or live concerts and usually held during the night. Every morning, the spacious parking space is used by the peoples and visitors of Antipolo City for their morning exercises.

The area of Ynares Center’s open space is around 5 hectares therefore the perimeter for jogging is around 400 meters. Joggers normally arrive here as early as 5:00AM and leave the area before 9:00AM particularly on weekdays because the center is temporarily being used for our local municipal offices while the City Hall is under renovation. You can extend your stay longer during Saturdays and Sundays.

ynares center jogging
Jogging or walking at Ynares Center and Rizal Provincial Capitol open area.

Visitors can almost do anything on the parking area. Joggers circle the perimeter clockwise, while some people find their best spot for playing badminton, do regular stretches, or join a group in a dance exercises  while absorbing the morning sunlight.

We give credit to the administrators of Ynares Center and Rizal Provincial Capitol for allowing people do their morning exercise in the area. We are also grateful on the outstanding security given to the place which include the safety of the Antipoleños and visitors.

Dance Aerobics Exercise

The dance aerobics exercise is alternately led by two professional dance instructors. Every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the dance routine is ballroom inspired while hip hop inspired for the other days. The exercise usually starts at around 6:30 AM and lasts for an hour, so better be there earlier to join and complete the routine.

dance aerobics exercise ynares
Dance aerobics exercise at Ynares Center.

Everyone is welcome to join the group and a little donation is optional for the rental of the sound system and honorarium for the dance instructors.

During Saturdays and Sundays, other groups also assemble to do different routine like boxing aerobics dance or calisthenics. Some groups also do taekwondo training.