Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

A must visit church in Antipolo City is the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (PIHM). It is Located along Daang Bakal Road, Fairmount Hills and around 500 paces from Hinulugang Taktak Falls. To know about its history, visit

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Yes, there are a lot people like me who love visiting places and I just can’t help myself in introducing another place to the world, particularly to Antipoleños unaware of the beautiful places in their own city.

I only came to know this church when I first jogged along this road and knew a little more when I once attended a friend’s child’s christening. All I knew, the church started in a small chapel then a magnificent structure stood beside it.

parish of the imaculate heart of mary 3

The almost completed church is so divine in its white color matching the emerald leaves of trees all around it. The modern architecture of the church compliments the beauty of the whole place that includes the well ventilated design in full advantage of natural breath of air.

I witnessed the construction of this church from foundation to now. Well, I have not so much idea about the deeper details and funding, but I know, it was built little by little from the efforts of the community and members of the church because of the slow but polished construction.

I am engrossed in writing about it not only because of the elegance of the place but also to show my appreciation to the friendly faces I met there. I am one of the importunate or persistent buyer every time they have a rummage sale. They’re so kind not because they are selling but they just are actually almost giving away their items. Anyway,  part of the rummage sale revenue is really intended for charity.

The camaraderie among the people, particularly the youth delighted me even more. In my persistence and curiosity, I had been asking a lot of things just to get acquainted with them. All of them are very respectful although I could see that most of them are from an able family, they are just so kind. May God bless you all!

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“The church is so peaceful, you are backgrounded by the chirping of birds while you pray.” Gigi

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To know the activities of PIHM, you may visit their FACEBOOK PAGE.