Do We Really Need a Family Day?

tjccot family day at deos 1

Unlike some other countries, Family Day in the Philippines has no particular day like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It seems that Philippines or most part of the world cannot afford another commercialized day yet. Anyway, it’s not the concern of this post but a special family day scheduled by The Jesus Church Children of Tomorrow, Inc. for its staffs, teachers and students. This family day is usually scheduled every before the end of school year.

We gathered at Deogracia’s Garden Resorts of Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City. A simple place yet comfortable enough to accommodate us. The resorts has an adult swimming pool, kids swimming pool and several cottages in countryside style.

tjccot family day at deos 2

A one hour and a half programme were held before the kids actually soaked into the water. The students had their part as they perform in groups. I enjoyed watching, specially during my kids’s turns, but nevertheless, all were beautiful performances.

One highlight of the programme is an enlightening messages from a guest speaker. He related relevant points on christian family values and I concur specially on his point of raising a child as an obligation of parents unconditionally. He also reiterated that a family will grow and last if parents will help each other and God must be its foundation and pillar.

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After the programme, all the kids rushed in wearing swimsuits. They were all very excited, maybe because the summer season is just starting again. I had much fun just watching my kids and their classmates play and swim into the water.

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As a parent, I admire this activity. Some family may really need a push for a Family Day.  I will always value the effort of the school in making every school year fun for my children. Since this will be the last activity for the school year 2013 to 2014, I am thanking the school, the staffs, the faculty and specially the teachers who had so much wit and patience in teaching my two children. May God bless you all.

Then, YES, we really need a Family Day.