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Steps in taking care of your skin are always enumerated in so many blogs and websites giving you millions of search results when you browse on the internet, but all those tips like sleeping well, drinking more water, eating healthy fruits, etc.,  are a common knowledge. These essential habits or practices really helps in maintaining a healthier skin but never enough because your skin is always exposed in too many hazardous agents present all around.

To shorten your search, visit Skin Icon Clinic for consultation and their staffs will assist you and you do not have to worry on your skin problems anymore. To Antipoleños, the location of this clinic is just a few minute’s away from your doorsteps. Check google map below.

Skin Icon Clinic intensive skin care.

Innumerable medicines, techniques or technologies are now available but finding a suitable remedy for your problem is not easy. Skin Icon Clinic offers appropriate cure or remedy that is essential on your skin.

I do not recommend you to experiment on various products offered everywhere instead, in behalf of the clinic, I am inviting you to visit them so they can cautiously examine your delicate skin.

“I directly bought an ointment from the drugstore for my daughter skin sores. Although I even asked the pharmacist what is best for my daughter’s skin problem… it got even worst when I used the medicine… So I brought her to Skin Icon Clinic and they attended on her immediately… my daughters skin is well now…. I will never experiment again just to save money, I do not want my daughter to be blaming me someday.” — Gigi De Guzman, Antipolo City

Skin Icon is not limited in Clinical Dermatology. They also offer Cosmetic Dermatology, Body Care and Facials

PHONE: 02 754 3784   /   MOBILE: 0917 667 9594

SKIN ICON CLINIC, 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor FBM Building, Bonifacio corner Martinez Sts.,  Antipolo City