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Life of a Tricycle Driver — Antipoleño din ako.

“It’s almost graduation and I could not even encourage or ask my son to pursue his college because I might not be able to afford… Paki-explain…” — Joey

Joey is a tricycle driver. He had just acquired a repossessed tricycle unit under “boundary-hulog” or amortized payment-to-own scheme. Although he is already the third owner-to-be of this repo unit, he must still have to pay 150 pesos per day within a period of 3 years.

He is roaming the city from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm to at least take home an average of 500 pesos, assuming that his tricycle will not malfunction on its everyday run. He could only rest while waiting for unpredicted commuters anywhere on the streets.

Joey has four children of ages 7, 13, 15 and 18. To fully take care of the children, he cannot allow his wife to look for a job just to help him earn money for the family. He avoids unnecessary vices and focussed himself in making a living which made me observe his kind of life.

His eldest son is already in third year college and with an average budget of 150 pesos for travel fare going to his school in Manila. His monthly water and power bills cost 1700 pesos. To sum up, he needs 250 pesos for his childs fare, bills and other miscellaneous expenses everyday. The 250 pesos left from his earning is hardly enough for the family’s food allowance.

Presently, with his tricycle, he is bringing and fetching his other three kids to a public school here in Antipolo saving him 60 pesos per day. He also keeps on grabbing part time jobs that rarely come to at least lighten their financial needs.

Back to his graduating child. Unfortunately, the kid must wait for his brother to finish his college first before he could enroll, unless he will find his own way or work for his college. Tuition fees is not much problem compared to the travel allowance and miscellaneous expenses he may need.

The Spirit of Antipoleño.

However hard life for Joey may be, he keeps holding on his faith and hoping that someday he will be blessed. Despite of all his sacrifices, he could still smile and face his everyday struggles. He is happy. He may be financially unstable but I could conclude that he has an ideal family.


This post is dedicated to all Antipoleños who honestly and righteously  works for their family, particularly those who works for daily income.

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