Peaceful Evening and Friendly Nightlife at Antipolo City

The peaceful atmosphere of Antipolo City evening will make you appreciate your whole day undertakings however hard it may had been. The air in Antipolo is somewhat healing that it soothes the wrinkles on your face as you cool down from work and from travel.

antipolo nightlife
Antipolo Evening in front of the Cathedral

Antipoleños working in Metro Manila start arriving on a happy face as they step down from their transport vehicles. Most of them takes a little walk while picking some pasalubongs for their family. Some people take a visit at the Cathedral for a little prayer.

antipolo night 20
Evening at The Antipolo Cathedral
antipolo night 17
The Victory Park & Shop
antipolo night 16
The Sumulong Park Stairs

Antipolo City’s Friendly Nightlife

Consider Antipolo as an option for Night Outs. Driving through the Sumulong Highway while hopping to different restaurants or bars may be a great alternative.

antipolo nightlife
Use the telescope for only 5 pesos at Padi’s Point.
antipolo night 3
View this better from the telescope for only 5 pesos coin.

Finding your favorite place to meet your friends everyday or occasionally to reinvigorate your friendship is easy and simple because all places here are peaceful and safe.

Overlooking the sparkling lights of Metro Manila is always a remarkable experience.

Romantic dining may also be arranged in any of the restaurants.

Bars and Restaurants Photos

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24 Hours Stablishments in Antipolo City.

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Resorts and Private Pools

Most Resorts and Private Pools are also 24 hours open during summer.