TJCCOT Goes to Yexel’s Museum — Manila Ocean Park

Part of the itinerary of TJCCOT Annual Educational Tour 2015 were a visit to Yexel’s Museum at the Manila Ocean Park.

First 4 Parts of the TJCCOT Educational Tour 2015 were published at Blogs Interchange. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. The First 4 parts were all about our visit at the Santa Elena FUN Farm, Cabuyao City, Laguna.

What is Yexel’s Museum? — Toy Museum

Yexel’s Museum is a collection of toys by Yexel Sebastian with the main museum located in Las Piñas, Philippines. His second museum, Yexel’s Toy Collection, is located inside the Boom na Boom Complex in Pasay City. The third, the Amazing Stories of Yexels Museum is located at the Manila Ocean Park.

Who is Yexel Sebastian?

Yexel is one of the most popular Filipino Toy Collector and an Artist. His story is narrated on the image below which I took before the exit of his museum at the Manila Ocean Park.

yexel 26

As an art enthusiast, the visit at Yexel’s Toy Museum in Manila Ocean Park were a big reward for me and a  perfect gift for my kids who themselves appreciate art very much. I already had seen a lot of resin works but the toys in the museum is beyond compare. The toys had just resurrected my inner child.

The Amazing Stories of Yexel’s Museum

yexel 1
The minions of Gru — Despicable Me
yexel 4
Alvin — Alvin and the Chipmunks
yexel 3
Simon — Alvin and theChipmunks
yexel 2
Theodore — Alvin and the Chipmunks
yexel 5
The Dark Knight
yexel 6
Peter Parker — Spiderman

yexel 8

yexel 7
Anti Gravity


yexel 9
Gollum — Lord of the Rings
yexel 16
Shoes — Cinderella


yexel 17
Game of Thrones
yexel 18
Game of Thrones


yexel 12 yexel 13 yexel 14yexel 22

yexel 21
Darth Vader — StarWars
yexel 25
Tony Stark — IronMan

yexel 24 yexel 23



yexel 27
Yexel Sebastian