Heartwarming Mother’s Day Gift — Maligayang Araw ni Inay

A day before Mother’s Day, 10 May 2014, The Araw ni Inay — Tuli, Bunot, Bukol, & Blood Donation Mission gifted by Familia Mariñas & Friends for Antipoleños were a total success. The mission were also aided by groups of volunteers.

  • Tuli — Circumcision
  • Bunot — Dental Checkup and tooth extraction
  • Bukol — Benign Tumor check up and or surgery
  • Dugo ko Alay ko sa PGH — Blood donation for the Philippine General Hospital

The mission were dedicated to the late Mrs. Cristina “Inang Tinay” in honor of her kindness as a mother of the family and as a mother of the Antipoleños. Familia Mariñas has always been humble and giving as they always consider extending their help to the people of Antipolo City.

In behalf of all the beneficiaries of the surgical and dental mission, we sincerely thank and very much appreciate your constant kindness! — Happy Mother’s Day!

The Mission in Action

The mission took place at Cristimar Village, Basketball Court, Antipolo City and I was able to bring two of my nephews for circumcision. After the circumcision, a free medicine were also given (20 caps antibiotics, 10 caps pain relievers, a small bottle of betadine), enough until the wound gets well.

Dental Check Up and Tooth Extraction in Action
Dental Check Up and Tooth Extraction in Action

It is really a gift for us since circumcision may cost no less than a thousand pesos per individual as the same with tooth extraction.

mother's day 1
Tule, Tuli, Circumcision is being held on both ends of the tables. ~ 10 tables
mother's day 2
Free medicines were also given.
mother's day 3
Blood Donation for PGH Blood Bank
araw ni inay 12
Dental Chekup in Line
araw ni inay 11
Boys waiting for their tuli turn
araw ni inay 10
Boys waiting for their tuli turn
araw ni inay 6
Blood Pressure Section
araw ni inay 5
A lunch were also served.



Boiled Lady’s Fingers or Okra

Not by any scientific study, when taste buds are satiated to a particular taste, the tendency is to crave for other tastes. Try boiled okra dipped in fish sauce with siling labuyo to lower the level of your extravagant gustation.

Why crave for expensive dishes when you can satisfy your taste buds with cheaper ones. No offense to some people who just pretend that they do not like the slimy characteristics of okra, but I know that they themselves hate peoples that is pretentious therefore please refrain from being one.

Boiled okra dipped in fish sauce with siling labuyo matched with fried fish.

Okra is really gooey but you can lessen it by just adding to sour dishes like sinigang or paksiw or just dipping it on calamansi juice or vinegar with siling labuyo. The taste is really sweet as the same with most vegetable and it do not have an aftertaste.

Lady’s fingers or okra has and always been recommended nutritious food ever since.

I wonder why some Antipoleños still have malnutrition problems since it is one of the cheapest vegetable on the market and it is very easy to grow. Okra is cheap and available in all seasons. You can actually grow an okra plants in a pot.

My friend Arnel has a small plot of okra and eggplant just beside their house in Gloria Heights and he could even share the vegetables to the neighbors. Instead of planting that medicinal marijuana which is still illegal in the Philippines, plant okra to stay healthy.

Why Okra?

Okra is rich in Vitamin C, Folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Niacin, Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Manganese, Beta Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin. Wow,  a very promising vegetable that is also rich in antioxidants.

Skin Icon Clinic – Skin Care

Steps in taking care of your skin are always enumerated in so many blogs and websites giving you millions of search results when you browse on the internet, but all those tips like sleeping well, drinking more water, eating healthy fruits, etc.,  are a common knowledge. These essential habits or practices really helps in maintaining a healthier skin but never enough because your skin is always exposed in too many hazardous agents present all around.

To shorten your search, visit Skin Icon Clinic for consultation and their staffs will assist you and you do not have to worry on your skin problems anymore. To Antipoleños, the location of this clinic is just a few minute’s away from your doorsteps. Check google map below.

Skin Icon Clinic intensive skin care.

Innumerable medicines, techniques or technologies are now available but finding a suitable remedy for your problem is not easy. Skin Icon Clinic offers appropriate cure or remedy that is essential on your skin.

I do not recommend you to experiment on various products offered everywhere instead, in behalf of the clinic, I am inviting you to visit them so they can cautiously examine your delicate skin.

“I directly bought an ointment from the drugstore for my daughter skin sores. Although I even asked the pharmacist what is best for my daughter’s skin problem… it got even worst when I used the medicine… So I brought her to Skin Icon Clinic and they attended on her immediately… my daughters skin is well now…. I will never experiment again just to save money, I do not want my daughter to be blaming me someday.” — Gigi De Guzman, Antipolo City

Skin Icon is not limited in Clinical Dermatology. They also offer Cosmetic Dermatology, Body Care and Facials

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