Best Activities for Summer — Milo Sports Clinic

Summer is not so FUN without swimming adventure but how would you really have fun on waters with your kids if it takes all your time just by worrying and watching while they play. You may also want to teach them how to swim by yourself but they are just so stubborn and keep on ignoring you. 

Resorts and Private Pools businesses are now very popular in our city so really have to consider teaching your kids how to swim or enroll them in swimming classes.


Before the school year ended, I already had been looking for summer activities best for my kids and enough for my budget. Fortunately, I had seen this Milo Sports Clinic in Swimming tarp hanging in front of Alta Vista Antipolo. I called and asked for the price and it’s really much cheaper compared to other swimming tutorials and trainings here in Antipolo City.

milo sports clinic 2

milo sports clinic

My Daughters on Their Fourth Day of Training — Ages 7 and 10.

For other areas nationwide, you may want to visit their website The price may be different depending on the venue. Summer Sport Clinic also offers other courses.

Easier Mountain Climbing at Real Cove Resort

Complete and Updated List of Resorts in Antipolo City 2014

Mountain Climbing as we all know is a very exhilarating and dangerous sport or pastime.

real cove resort 24
Please read this carefully before going through the stairs.

At Real Cove Resort, challenge yourself on mountain climbing, but instead of using harnesses or any other equipment, the mountain were carved with 460 stairsteps. 

The stairs has no railings so please proceed with extreme carefulness. It is not advisable for people with health problems to climb this mountain. For first timers, you may feel drowsiness on your way to the top so find some chaperone. Do not forget to bring at least a bottle of drinking water.

real cove resort 10
Last 50 steps before the top

Somewhat a very easy climb. The stair slope is gradual until you reach the last 50 steps before the top. You can also pause at any point while taking pictures all around, “I actually paused and sat at the steps 4 times when I tried the stairs.”.

You could surely relate to the experiences of Roberto Romeo ‘Romi’ Garduce, our very own Mountain Climber from Balanga, Bataan, after completing this challenge. “I felt a little exhausted but satisfied and happy upon reaching the top.”

Photo Gallery

real cove 11
View from the top.
real cove 12
View from the top.
real cove 13
View from the top.
real cove 14
View from the top.
real cove resort 15
View from the top.
real cove 16
View from the top.

real cove resort 17 real cove  18 real cove resort 19 real cove 20 real cove 21 real cove 22 real cove 23 real cove 25

More About the Loreland Farm Resort

The Loreland Farm Resort lies in 8 hectares area of land and open for visitors in any day. The place is recommended for family vacations, company outings, regular hangout, events, weddings, birthdays, seminars, school’s educational tours, team buildings and etc.

More on Loreland Farm Resort . . .


loreland farm resort image 21
The Boat

As regards to the quality of the place, peoples keep coming back here since they are satisfied with the amenities and accommodations as they are also proud in telling stories about their astounding experiences here.

loreland farm resort image 26
The Kubo
loreland image 22
Cottage ?
loreland image 24
loreland farm resort image 17
Tree House

loreland image 15

Most part of the resort is shaded with trees that you may feel an ambience of a forest or a tree park.

Above all, the resort offers a very affordable rates of cottages and rooms.

More Photos of the Resorts

loreland image 20
loreland farm resort image 18

loreland image 15 loreland image 13 loreland image 12 loreland image 11 loreland image 9 loreland image 7 loreland image 6 loreland image 5 loreland image 4 loreland image 3 loreland image 2 loreland image 1

The Bosay Resort Experience

Enjoy the Bosay Resort with your family during daytime.

My kids really liked soaking into the water every summer and they liked Bosay because they could hop from one pool to another. They enjoyed the pool slides as much as the ambiance of the place.

bosay resorts storm wave 3
The Storm Wave Pool swimming
bosay resorts storm wave 2
The Storm Wave Pool
bosay resorts storm wave 1
The Storm Wave Pool during the day.

What I like about Bosay are the structures. All facilities are skillfully designed like an art masterpiece so I usually photograph my kids in almost all corners of the resort. I also feel relaxed and comfortable either on their cottages or rooms.

Enjoy with your friends during night time.

For night swimming, I would recommend spending it here because the place is safe. Instead of going to regular disco house, try the Disco Pool. You can also use the videokes and sing with your friends.

Disco Pool during daytime.
Disco Pool during daytime.
Disco Pool Entrance. Daytime.
bosay resort 5
The Tree House.

More on Bosay Resort

bosay resort 6
The Olympic Sized Pool

Femar Garden Resort and Convention Center

Femar Garden Resort and Convention Center has always been a regular or monthly destination of my friends coming from Metro Manila to relax and stop thinking about work.

The Femar Garden Resort is located along Taktak Road, Antipolo City. The resorts is only few paces away from the historic Hinulugang Taktak Falls and a five minutes ride to the Antipolo Cathedral or to the public market.


There’s something in this resort which keeps me coming back. It’s surely one of the best resort in Antipolo City where you can party or just relax, or may be the perpetual hospitality of the staffs which makes me never think twice everytime my friends invite me in this resort. They’re just so nice to all their visitors. I just feel so easy and comfortable in this resort.


The Femar Resorts and Convention Center

The resort’s facilities include three sanitized swimming pools, pavilions, umbrella sheds, and accommodations. The resort is a perfect venue for seminars, weddings, conferences, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and etc.

To know more about the resorts, please call 632 697 1719 or 632 806 8387

femar-antipolo-9 femar-antipolo-8

More About Femar Garden Resort and Convention Center

Altaroca Mountain Resort and Convention Center

Altaroca is located at Taktak Road, Bankers Village, Brgy. Sta Cruz, Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines.


“Unwind, Enjoy & Celebrate.” Exact phrase for a vacation needed by our friends in Metro Manila. A perfect place for a summer getaway and a peaceful place for meditation.


The resort has a complete facility to serve even bigger functions like seminars, special events, weddings, company outings, team building, family reunions,  and etc.

The facilities include three swimming pools, Pool Lounges, Cottages roofed with nipa leaves, Game Room, Videoke Room, Open Bar Videoke, Billiard Table, Function Rooms and Grand Ballroom for bigger crowd. Alternatives for air-conditioned rooms and suites are also available.


Best of all, the cottages and some part of the swimming pools are shaded by tall trees to protect visitors from the heat of the sun throughout the day.

cottage-antipolo-15 altaroca-antipolo-8 altarocaimage-antipolo-11

Altaroca —Perfect Place for my Friends

This post is for my friends who usually come and visit me every summer after sparing their vacation leave for an all-friends reunion. Guys, get ready. Decide now so we can get a reservation earlier. As you also know, most resorts or exclusive rest houses are fully booked during summer season.

And guys, thank you for entrusting me this task to find a venue for our reunion. I am actually confident that you will like this place.

To know more about the resort, visit their website at or call 632 661 6834 and 632 913 8398.

pool1-antipolo-18 pool2-antipolo-16 altaroca-antipolo-14 altaroca-antipolo-9 altaroca-antipolo-7

From Antipolo to Real Quezon (One day adventure)

Another way for Antipoleños to spend summer is visiting Real Quezon Beaches. Antipolo City to Real Quezon is only about 100 kilometers or nearly two hours travel. You can choose among hundreds of cottages for rent along the shores of Pacific Ocean in Real where you may find comfortable.

Mountain views on our way to Real Quezon

From Antipolo City, you will pass several towns of Rizal along the Manila East Road like Baras, Tanay and Pililia. Through this road, you will also pass some towns of Laguna until you reach the junction in Nanguma  then go straight through this National road until Batuhan, Famy, Laguna then take the left route and travel through the winding Siniloan-Famy-Real-Infanta Road. You will not notice your two hour travel because of the beauty of the places you may pass by.

Early Family Outing for Summer Season — March 2, 2014

We had an early family outing wanting to see the fresh beaches. We reached Real at around 6:00 am but we went first to the market and bought some fresh fishes and shells to be grilled before we actually search the best place for us. I would recommend you to be here earlier in the morning to be able to buy freshly catched fishes of different varieties.

antipolo to real-19

We had chosen La Juliana Beach Resort because of their cottages roofed with cogon grass — cooler choice to cover us from the heat of the sun. The rental is only 300 pesos during this date but may increase a little during mid-summer.  Air-conditioned rooms are also available.


Our children were too excited so they rushed into the water when we arrived at the place. The water is wavy. “You are much too early for summer season.”, said by one of the resort caretaker. “The water may be calm by the third week of march.”, he added.

Luckily, we were able to bring styropor boards so our children enjoyed the waves. At first, we were afraid because the waves were big. On my estimate the highest could even reach at almost two meters and may pull our kids back into the water after splashing into the shore.

antipolo to real-15 antipolo-real-11

I was worried, but as our kids played into the water, they learned how to deal with the waves by going with it before reaching the shore. They also learned to jump over the waves so they will not be taken through the shore. I enjoyed watching them as they are pushed by big waves on their styropor boards through the shore.

I enjoyed our foods. Grilled bangus filled with onions and tomatoes, grilled clams “halaan” dipped in vinegar with siling labuyo, grilled marinated pork belly, grilled chicken legs, grilled hotdog for the kids and etc. All grilled except for the rice.

antipolo-real-18 antipolo-real-17 antipolo-real-16 antipolo-real-14 antipolo-real-13 antipolo-real-9 antipolo-real-8 antipolo-real-7 antipolo-real-6 antipolo-real-5 antipolo-real-4 antipolo-real-3 antipolo-real-2

We packed up at around 4:00 pm and headed home. We reached Antipolo before 6:00 pm.

3B Rest House

3B Rest Houses now have six units for rent at a very affordable rate. Each unit is built with fine swimming pools with inclined depth to fit you and your kids.

Enjoy the scenic view overlooking the whole Metro Manila specially on its brilliance during the night. The peacefulness of the place will give you a relaxing time to spend with your family or friends. Feel the freshness of air coming from the trees around the place.

The place is best for company outings, family outings, birthdays, weddings, and or any other special occasions.

Relax and have a meaningful stay.

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