5th Day to 7th Day— Milo Summer Sports Clinic (Swimming )

5th Day  Swimming Training

My 7 years old daughter continues her freestyle training to improve her stamina. She still needs to improve her hand strokes then she could advance to other styles. It seems that she also keeps forgetting her flutter kicks.

My 10 years old daughter proceeded on breaststroke training after the frog kick tutorial yesterday, 4th day of training. The coach included the freestyle on their practice today. They did the freestyle on their way to the other end then breaststroke on their way back for several times.

7th Day Swimming Training

A one and a half hour of daily training and another hour of practice made my kids swim better in a scientific way. “Scientific Swimming” as described and explained by their coach and I concur since it really improved my kids in swimming. Although the coach were not able to explain his “scientific swimming” much, since I also did not ask much, it must be the proper and studied approach to faster swimming since MILO is related more to competitions or athlete’s development. Scientific in a way that it involves motion and energy.

The kids on basic diving form in swim racing.

milo swim dive

The kids were also given time to practice and play after their training.

milo swimming 4 milo swimming 2

Best Activities for Summer — Milo Sports Clinic

Summer is not so FUN without swimming adventure but how would you really have fun on waters with your kids if it takes all your time just by worrying and watching while they play. You may also want to teach them how to swim by yourself but they are just so stubborn and keep on ignoring you. 

Resorts and Private Pools businesses are now very popular in our city so really have to consider teaching your kids how to swim or enroll them in swimming classes.


Before the school year ended, I already had been looking for summer activities best for my kids and enough for my budget. Fortunately, I had seen this Milo Sports Clinic in Swimming tarp hanging in front of Alta Vista Antipolo. I called and asked for the price and it’s really much cheaper compared to other swimming tutorials and trainings here in Antipolo City.

milo sports clinic 2

milo sports clinic

My Daughters on Their Fourth Day of Training — Ages 7 and 10.

For other areas nationwide, you may want to visit their website http://ww1.nestle.com.ph/. The price may be different depending on the venue. Summer Sport Clinic also offers other courses.

Search for Talented and Skilled Youth for International Football Team

Football has always been the most popular sports in the world and Filipinos can excel and be the best in this game.

Talented and skilled, not talented nor skilled. For Filipinos to excel in international football competitions, we have to select talented and skilled players and to select we must have choices.

Antipolo Temporary Football Field.
Vacant Lot in Antipolo City used as temporary football field by our children.

Right now, I believe that we only have few choices among our children because only few of them are interested in this game and for them to get acquainted in football, let’s us start in local and school competitions. (Schools could push our children in competitions not involving much of cash prize but develop a good sportsmanship.)

socker in antipolo 6
Antipolo Kids Football Training

socker in antipolo 7

Encourage Filipino youth to play football by providing them a football field. I also believe that every municipality can easily provide at least 1 hectare of land for our children. One hectare maybe too big if compared to basketball court but it’s also very small compared to a golf course.

Aside from the popularity in playing football, the game have much physical and mental benefit for our children.

Fan of Football?

Just a few more days before the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil on June 12 to July 13. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) or The International Federation of Association Football is the administrator of soccer with headquarters based in Zurich, Switzerland.

3 Spectacular Weekend Events in Antipolo City

Level Up. 3 spectacular weekend events in Antipolo City. Yamaha GP One Make Race 5 2014 — 2nd Leg, Bb. Kalikasan Antipolo 2014 and Bikers Rally. Uplifting Antipolo City to the next level.

BRIEF EVENT PREVIEWS — Summer Fun in Antipolo City

Last Saturday, 7:00 pm, March 15, 2014, The Bb. Kalikasan Antipolo 2014 was held at Sumulong Park. The event is part of the ecotourism program of the city. The pageant were participated by representatives from the following barangays: Brgy. Bagong Nayon, Brgy. San Jose, Brgy. San Roque, Brgy. San Luis, Brgy. San Isidro, Brgy. Dalig, Brgy. Beverly, Brgy. Cupang, Brgy. Dela Paz, Brgy. Mambugan, Brgy. Sta. Cruz.

bb kalikasan antipolo 14
Rehearsal, Saturday 9 am.

Bb. Kalikasan Antipolo 2014 Rehearsal More Photos…

Antipolo Bikers and Firefly Brigade

Sunday, several group of bikers from the Antipolo City and the Firefly Brigade routed from Ynares to several roads of the city and ended at the Antipolo Cathedral for bike and bikers blessing. The rally is to promote a clean air program and appeal for bike lanes in all major roads in the Philippines.

antipolo bikers 6

More Photos…

Yamaha GP One Make Race 5 2014, 2nd Leg

Simultaneous to the bike rally, the Yamaha GP One Make Race 5, 2nd Leg was also held in Ynares Center following the 1st Leg held last February in Sta. Rosa Laguna. The breathtaking race were participated by riders nationwide.

yamaha gp one make race 5yamaha gp one make race 15

More Photos…

Antipoleños in the Olympics Skateboarding Event 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil on August 5 to August 21 and the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Japan.

I had have always been a supporter of extreme games and I just don’t see the reason why skateboarding is not included in 2016 Summer Olympics while snowboarding was embraced in SOCHI 2014 Winter Olympics. Although there is a big chance that it may already be added in the Olympics in year 2020, I am still not happy because our kids are not getting any younger to wait for another four years. Nevertheless, kids, let us focus and keep practicing, anyway, we have the X games and other extreme event competitions to prepare.

skateboarding image 2

More and more Antipoleños and Antipolo visitors are now indulged in skateboarding, either for recreation or sport. Skateboarding is really something to do for fun instead of being preoccupied on indoor games, particularly into computers and mobile gadgets. Skateboarding activity or sport develops mental focus and body connection or I may just say it as an exercise for “Mind, Body and Soul”.

It is now the best time to support  and encourage these kids on this kind of sport while they are still drowsed of excitement on the past Winter Olympics and they are also motivated by the nations only participant, Michael Christian Martinez who participated in Figure Skating Event.

Skateboarding in Daang Bakal Road

The skaters preferred the Daang Bakal Road because of its moderate slope and curves. The road is also lightly being used by vehicles because it is blocked on one end. Vehicles are aware of the activities of skaters, bikers, and joggers so they usually drive slower and very carefully. The road is also shaded with tall trees throughout the day.

This is just a temporary place for practicing skateboarding skills and styles until somebody or some organization may be kind enough to sponsor a better venue .

skateboarding image 2 skateboarding image 2

More skaters are visiting the place every weekends.