Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day

Whatever this day means to you… this day is meant to make us all feel LOVEd. No politics, no religion involved, nor history contested, we will celebrate it on February 14. This day is just like our Birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other special day and I am thankful it was invented. If you want to know more about Cupid and St. Valentine, you can google it easily. It’s FREE anyway.

I am also thankful that Valentine’s Day evolved into all ages form, kids are now part of it. The idea that this day belongs to couples or lovers is now balanced.

Gifts on Valentine’s Day

My 2 daughters gave me in advance a creative card they made during their Sunday school with a simple message, “Dear Daddy, Thank you for teaching us, taking care of us, cooking for us, I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day.” Honestly, it pinched my heart, I’m touched. In return, I am planning a weekend vacation for them in any resort here in Antipolo City.

valentines day antipolo

Spending your Valentine’s Day with your love ones is the best gift ever.  Take them to some place memorable this weekend. Show your love to them EVERYDAY and you will be LOVEd.