Zumba Fun Fitness During the Unity Run 2

While waiting for all the runners to arrive at the Finish Line and while waiting for the results of the Unity Run 2, an aerobics exercise in zumba dance were started.

Three Zumba Dance instructors alternately led a lively aerobics dance while most participants of the Unity Run 2 joined. It seemed that the 3 or 5 kilometers run were not enough for their exercise, they had so much more to give.

Everyone had so much fun!

I can’t help myself but also to dance with the beat while taking pictures and videos. More videos on YouTube.

Zumba Aerobics Dance Photos.

sonaa antipolo sonaa antipolo 2 sonaa antipolo 3 sonaa antipolo 4 sonaa antipolo 5 zumba 2

Zumba is a 90’s aerobics dance exercise that involves energetic moves that could help tone muscles. It a a combination of several dance and music like hip-hop, mambo, samba, salsa, tango and etc. The Zumba dance fitness program is getting so popular in Antipolo City.